Why I allow my 6 year old son to play Fortnite ğŸ™ƒ

Fortnite. The one thing Mother’s dread…Fathers love and Children adore!

I’ve always been quite over protective of my children, I had PNA (post natal anxiety) which i don’t think I’ve ever quite recovered from but learnt to deal with over the years. This meant my oldest child, Oliver, has always lived quite a sheltered life, well while I’ve been the one responsible of him anyway! (When his Dad is in control, it’s a different story)

I still have issues allowing him to eat Lolly pops or others looking after him incase I am not there to protect him from the unknown, if i could wrap him in bubble wrap and keep him indoors forever i would!

So you might be shocked to hear, I allow him to play Fortnite online with other people!

I have read the press backlash from other concerned parents, Children being groomed, Children using weapons to kill others, Speaking to strangers online and while I do not discredit any of those things, those issues can easily be controlled or looked at in a different way!

Now don’t get me wrong, there are certain games I will not let him play on! GTA for example or any kind of “Real” shooting games, with blood and gore! But realistically,I do not think Fortnite falls into those categories and here is why:

6 reasons I allow my 6 year old Son to play Fortnite.

  • Players do not get killed, but zapped out: when my Son first started playing Fortnite with his Dad, I was like any other concerned parent! I didn’t think my Son should be exposed to such violence & worried he was too young to play the game. But the more I watched, I realised that while someone was being shot, there was no blood, no visible injuries to disturb a child & once the opponent had been defeated, they would simply be hologrammed back out the game, as that is what the characters are, hollograms. My Son is well aware (from World news and Television) that isn’t the reality of when someone is shot and knows better (and thankfully Guns aren’t legal in England) than to idolize guns anyway. But if we wanted to go to the extremes of sheltering our children from guns altogether, is that to say we shouldn’t allow our children to watch classics such as Jumanji or even Toy story due to the reference of Guns from Woody saying ” Reach for the sky” and his holster which normally would hold a gun. End of the day, as long as your child is aware guns aren’t toys and violence isn’t okay- I don’t see the harm in Fortnite due to it being so PC anyway!
  • It’s helped children enjoy dancing again! From Flossing to Hype and even abit of Orange justice, as soon as my Son goes to any birthday party outbreaks the Fortnite dance moves and he absoultey KILLS it! Not one for dancing normally, Fortnite has changed his opinion on what dance means, making it fun and cool to possess these skills. And before you know it like a chain reaction there is a mini dance off going on between children of all ages and the dance floor suddenly becomes a place to dance again, rather than hyper children running around aimlessly or trying to do the longest knee skid across the floor.
  • He gets to bond with his Dad and be on a team together! There is nothing more my Son & Husband love to play than Duo’s, being on a team together i hear them shriek with excitement and howl with laughter as one of them defends the other in a group battle! Making Forts and throwing boogie bombs so their opponent is stuck dancing while they defend themselves is quite entertaining to watch. While one is upstairs on the headset and the other downstairs, they talk in Fortnite code about what move they are going to make next! All words become abbreviations, like “Let’s go tilted” and the constant cry of “Build! BUILD!” As one frantically makes a Fort so the other can heal themselves, it makes a lazy Sunday afternoon an afternoon of adventure without having to leave the house!
  • It’s free! Another great asset to the games reputation is the fact the game is free! If you don’t want to spend a penny on the game, you do not have too! Obviously there are add-ons, but it is at your own discretion if you want to buy these. They don’t effect game play, so you can still play at the standard as everyone else- it’s not pay to win.
  • You can mute the chat, or you can turn it off completely. Alot of parents worry about the grooming aspect of Fortnite, which is understandable, alot of young children will be playing and some sick people will take advantage of that. But thankfully there are options to only speak to people in your party (these will be people you know) or turn voice chat off altogether so you can still play without having to communicate with anyone else! If, as a parent you monitor who your child adds/or speaks too, you will know if someone pops up who seems unfamiliar, just make sure you make your child aware not to add strangers.
  • It’s altogether a great game. That pretty much sums up what I think of the game. As long as you monitor your child, maybe even play on the game with him/her you will soon start to realise why Fortnite is the ever growing popular game it is! With its expanding world map,story updates and different themes keeping the players entertained, it’s a perfect way to let your child’s adrenaline out on a cold, wet Sunday afternoon.


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