10 things that will make you feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable.

Ever since I was little I’ve had irrational fears. Fears that, unless I put myself in those circumstances, would likely never happen! And yet, some nights I lay awake, curling my toes, making my hands into fists, gritting my teeth and cringing at my own thoughts, thoughts that make me so uncomfortable, i thought it only be fair if I shared these nightmares with you.

If you can get through this list without hesitation, you are a braver human than I!

1) Deep, Dark, Water.

This “Phobia” is called “Thalassophobia” which literally means, a fear of the sea! Although, I wouldn’t quite call it a phobia due to the fact I think its perfectly normal and rational to fear a sea deeper than the tallest mountains on earth, darker than space & filled with man eating fish and other unknown creatures lurking in the shadows!

The owl and the pussy cat were braver than I when they went out to sea In a beautiful pea-green boat.

2) Paper cuts between fingers, toes and mouth

Even thinking about this now, I am squeezing the sides of my mouth! I can thank Jackass for this fear! Any kind of slicing action, but particularly papers cuts near the mouth region, makes me want to rip my skin off and claw my eyeballs out. Nope! NOT TODAY!

3) Cave crawling through small spaces.

Does anyone else feel like they can’t breathe right now??! Or is that just me?! I find it hard being in a lift with a pram, how does anyone do this and enjoy it? Insanity! Also, have they never watched The Descent?

4) Free Climbing

FECK NO! as if being on the edge of a tall building wasn’t enough, being on the edge of a tall building on a hoverboard while holding a go pro…squeaky bum time!! paper cutting the sides of my mouth suddenly seems more appealing!

5) Teeth reactions to different textures- Tin Foil

This one may seem tame, but go ahead, try it! Works better if you have fillings! Like the ‘scratching your nails down a chalk board” cringe, this to me has the same effect! Along with biting right down on ice or a wooden spactular 🤢🤢🤢🤢

6) Ripping A nail off.

This moment in the film “Stir of Echoes” will haunt me forever! If you watched that GIF and didn’t flinch, are you even human, bro? Bending a nail back is one thing, but ripping it off! Pass me the sick bucket!

7) Resting your leg off the side of your bed.

That moment you’re seriously comfortable in bed, suddenly, your mind decides to be an asshat and reminds you, your foot is hanging slightly off the bed, you remember the scene in paranormal activity where the lady gets pulled out by her legs…your foot, No longer safe, instantly retreats to the safety of your cover! Take that demons! My foot is safe another night.

8) Spiders crawling into your mouth while you sleep.

I read somewhere that in a year you can swallow upto 8 Spiders in your sleep! And whats worse, some spiders carry all their babies on there back! I now know where those extra lbs came from….and want to die because of it! 🤢

9) Someone walking closely behind me going up stairs.

I could be walking normally up the stairs, but the moment my child or husband is near me, I have this overwhelming reaction to run! The thought of someone grabbing my ankle freaks me out massively. This can’t just be me right?

10) Standing on a nail, Barefoot.

Are you curling your toes right about now?? This scene for the film “A quiet place” left me itching my feet and cringing behind gritted teeth!

Walking on anything sharp is awful enough,ask any parent who steps on Lego! But stepping on a nail that penetrates the skin, I’m about to lose my shit and curl into a ball of vulnerability…wheres my safe place?! I need to stroke some fluff and repeat “Im okay! This is all okay!”

Well done if you made it this far! If you would like to freak some friends out- feel free to share…sharing is caring, espically when you know this will make someone’s skins crawl!

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