Interview with an eating disorder survivor.

Every year begins the same! New year, new me! We set our resolutions and restrictions, health kicks and new diet regimes. Realistically we know within the first 30 days the band wagon wheel will well and truly break off and off we roll into old habits, but for some people, these new rules become more than just a health kick and become something so much more sinister… becoming a form of control, obsession and self hatred.

Mental health can come in so many different forms- an eating disorder may start as something purely innocent- trying to lose those extra pounds you gained on holiday, trying to show your ex boyfriend what he is missing out on or simply trying to look as good as those instagram models we see half naked every single day…but when eating less becomes an obsession and the restrictions become more rooted in unrealistic control, something that started so innocently can spiral drastically out of control.

Eating disorders are so much deeper than “just wanting to be slim” they have aspects of OCD, body dismorphia, self loathing, guilt, shame, control and so much more.

Dr Caroline Leaf quotes:

“Eating disorders are negative behaviours that stem from disordered love, not diseases.”

And I feel this rings true for my interviewee.

Due to the sensitivity of the subject i have left my client anonymous.

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