An interview about… Infertility.

From a young age we all dream of the fairy tale ending, meeting Prince Charming, the whirlwind romance, the perfect ceremony & then the pitter patter of tiny feet…feet we created, bore and cherish…But not all fairy tales share the same ending & in a cruel twist of fate, the mirror shatters, the carriage reveals itself to be a pumpkin & the last rose petal falls unmasking the harsh realities of life.

Infertility is shared by 1 in 7 couples, that’s around 3.5 million people in the UK alone. It can create unbelievable amounts of emotional turmoil and depression leaving a person or person’s affected feeling inadequate, broken physically & mentally or even not worthy of this world.

Thankfully, there is hope in the form of IVF, But unfortunately this form of treatment is costly and not always successful not to mention the physical stresses it can put on the person trying to conceive & the emotional aftermath of an unsuccessful insemination.

To try an understand better the battles faced, I have interviewed a friend of mine going through this heart breaking time to try and deliver a different perspective away from statistics and unfamiliarity and bring to you a human being, in all its raw form explaining what it’s like to be suffering with Infertility.

When did you decide you would like to start a family?

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