10 things a make up artist wish you knew…

From saying you’re sorry to not saying anything at all! Here are the 10 things a Make Up Artist wish you knew.

1) Don’t apologise for your face! SERIOUSLY, stop doing that! Your face is a blank canvas & I mean that in the nicest way possible, we see something we can transform, enhance, something wonderful! It’s okay if you have spots, oily skin, dry skin, uneven complexion, dark circles, small eye’s, big eyes…or anything else you can put yourself down for…Just stop! Stop apologising for your face- to us, your face is canvas which we are ready to be inspired by! it is art! And you should be proud of what your mama gave you! Work it! Use it! Own it!!

2) Talk to us! If you don’t like something, be vocal. We won’t be insulted, we will be happier knowing you have left with exactly what you wanted. If we say “Are you happy with that look?” And you answer “Yes” but then go home and complain- who’s fault is it then? So while you are paying for your time/make up/ service- just be honest! & any professional make up artist would be more than happy to correct or alter anything you are unhappy with, even if it means running over slightly.

3) Try something out your comfort zone. This may take some real trust in your MUA, but if your MUA can see you rocking a red lip- give it a go! You might end up LOVING it. Professional make up artists will come across alot of people in their career which means alot of their clientelle will have similar features/eye colours/complexion…we will know what suits a brown eye (everything! 🙃) we will know what suits a pale complexion or mature skin etc etc- so trust your MUA and give it ago!

4) Inspo pictures are great! Bring them along! I encourage clients to do so, but also be realistic about the outcome and understand that the same two make up looks can look drastically different on every individual. Adaptations need to be considered for every eyeshape, skin tone, Eye size…what looks good on one eyeshape, could look poor on another, so again, trusting the make up artists judgement is key to getting the best outcome.

5) Its okay if the make up artist is using a high street brand! You are still getting the top quality service you deserve and paid for! Alot of people consider they have been “Had Off” if the make up used isn’t a top brand but this is far from the truth! Application and execution is everything! Also, just because you pay more for a top brand than the likes of a high street brand doesn’t mean the quality of make up is better! We look at pigments, how it feels, how it lasts, if it blends well, if it looks good and sadly in some cases, the top brands aren’t as good and you are literally paying for the brand name than the products quality!

6) The process can be messy! I tend to move my clients away from a mirror while doing the eyes especially! Down fall is a given for a heavier eye make up and if you are a newbie in the make up chair, this can look alittle daunting! But do not worry, trust the process! The outcome will be worth it!

7) Give us feedback! We love to hear how you felt with your look! We work on recommendation & if you loved it, spread the word! You don’t realise how much this helps. Critisim is always welcome also, as in any job, we’d like to know how we can improve the service or what you’d like differently next time.

8)Don’t bad mouth other artists to us because you think its what we would like to hear. It’s okay to talk about other MUA’s you have been to of course! But don’t assume we are all in competition with each other nor that we want to hear your bad experience with them if that is the case. At the end of the day, we are only human and id hate,as I am sure anyone in the industry would, being on the receiving end of it. Alot of self employed MUAs are friends and network together even if we are in the same industry.

9) No make up looks involve quite abit of make up ironically & to the no make up wearer who goes for the no make up look, it can feel heavy!

10) And finally, we probably are going to ask you for one of those awkward finished look photos…you know the one where you don’t know where to look, how to smile, if you should smile?! How to hold you mouth at all!! Simply because we are proud of our little creation,that blend, those brows, that highlight and we want to show your gorgeous face off to the world! Well, our social media following! But you can decline! And we won’t be offended! It’s all part and parcel of our job & the clients happiness comes first!


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