5 reasons why I loved having a budget wedding 👰

Me & my now husband have never really been the romantic type. PDA isn’t what I’m into and we lead quite a private life on the intimacy side, you would probably see a sighting of BigFoot before you saw us announce our undieing love for each other on social media.

So when we decided to get married one warm day in March it was quite the anti climax I’d always hoped for.

It went like this, “D’ya wreckon we run away to Vegas and get married on the down low?” …” Yeah Okay! But flights would be expensive and id want my parents there! What about in UK but super casual?” “Sounds good!”

Did we just get engaged? Yup!!!

Modern day Romeo and Juliet or What!

So that was how it went!

We told the family.

Changed our relationship status on Facebook to “Engaged” which is a given 😏 and rang the registrar, booking it for the 18th of June that year, giving us exactly 3 months to prepare.

The insanity was real.

We had a maximum of 5 grand, which to me seemed alot, but once you start looking into the cost of everything- it’s the equivalent of a £1. Maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but it isn’t much at all when you look into the cost of a cake, venue, car, dress, registrar, flowers, bridemaids, hairdresser, make up artist etc etc! It suddenly becomes a real challenge.

Thankfully, I have never really been a ‘money’ person, extravagant things really don’t bother me. Making memories has always been far more important and being surrounded by family and friends, you can’t buy happiness is a moto I stand by.

But that isn’t to say if you choose to spend thousands upon thousands of pounds for your big day that its wrong either. It’s what ever is suited to you- if you have the money and you want to spend it on the big day you have always dreamed of, go for it! Do what makes you happy.

But we were on a budget- with 3 months to plan, 5 grand was the total we were working with & sticking too and we did it! We actually did it!

Cliché it maybe, but it was honestly the best day of my life, our lives… apart from having the children of course! And i often have friends & Family saying how much fun they had also.

So here are-

The 5 reasons why I loved having a budget wedding-

1. My dress was only £500 and I LOVED it! Wed2b saved my life when it came to finding a budget dress I loved! I had tried the charity shops, looked frequently on EBay, but the thought of my dress being worn by someone else first didn’t appeal to me. So when I managed to find a dress, brand new for only £500 I was over the moon! Zero alterations needed to be made, it fit like a glove! I felt like a Disney princess, a budget Disney princess.

2. The Holiday Inn was a perfect venue. Looking for a budget place to hold our after party was a challenge! Thankfully my mum was a savvy Google searcher. When the holiday inn popped up I was a little unsure! I mean isn’t this like a travel lodge? But then speaking to my clients in my profession, alot had attended weddings there and had said what a good time they’d had. The hotel was surrounded by a fort, ideal for picturesque photography, it also came with a wedding planner! 2 for 1- cha-ching! There was also lots of other advantages of having the wedding party in a hotel, guest’s could stay! And the 1st 20 guest’s to book a room saying they were apart of the wedding party got 20% off. The DJ was thrown into the package, food too, but you could pay more for extras and we got to decide if we wanted the big room or the smaller one. It felt very personalised and controlled. I loved it. All for the cost of £2,500.

3. It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know! Facebook is a great tool for connections! I managed to find a great photographer and cake maker off a friend! Carl the photographer was brilliant, he came around and met the family before the wedding and went through everything we wanted- from the kind of photos we would like to the angles we would like to avoid (being a girl, we know angles are everything!) He even returned for the evening party and managed to get lots of natural photos. which are the kind of photos I love. Jen our cake marker, now friend- did making cakes on the side! I connected with her through a mutual friend and she made the perfect cake for our wedding. I couldn’t of been more pleased with the results and the taste was superb! The cost of these will vary obviously but normally if it is referred to via a friend you may get a small discount. (Not always; but sometimes)

4. Do your own make up or get a friend too. Okay, so I am a Make Up Artist by profession anyway! But I did search for someone to do it for me- in the end i decided it would be cheaper and more efficient to do it myself. But while i worked in illamasqua alot of people would come in with a friend and get a make up lesson so they could do there friends make up on the day! This was an easier way of finding someone you can trust! Also, if you are marrying aboard and can’t find a Make up artist, teaching a friend who can keep practising on you until perfected is a simple way keeping the budget down but also looking how you would feel comfortable for your wedding. Lessons vary in price-normally in a shop it’s around £50 deposit but you get that back in products. Decide to do it yourself? Free.

5. My dad was my wedding shofar. Being the anxious bundle of joy I am, being taken to the wedding venue in my dad’s car was a comfort. Apart from the fact I then realised I had left my bouquet of flowers at home and my mum was going to kill me since she had searched eBay endlessly trying to find the right flowers to match the colour code we had decided on. My Dad managed to calm me down as I explained I felt sick with nerves and was worried about being infront of everyone, he then popped on his awful car CD of rock Anthems and just like that I was back to normality shouting at him to turn it off. Sounds strange,but it took the edge off things returning to my cranky persona of worrying more if people could see me dressed in my wedding attire listening to The Who, than in the next 5 minutes I was about to be walking into the building to marry my bezzy.

My wedding was personal, it was ideal for me. Everything was through a friend or family, nothing felt out of my comfort zone, I didn’t have a debt looming over my head, I felt at ease with everyone who was apart of my day. I’d married my best friend and childrens Daddy and we still had money left over to enjoy our honeymoon.

Now all I needed to do was smooth things over with my mum for forgetting that stupid plastic bouquet- sorry mum. 💙

Credit to wallasey town hall for letting me lend a fake flower set from one of your office vases- ever the classy bride.


**Disclaimer- this is based on my own personal experience, which will differ from each individual person & is a subjective truth based on my own personal experiences**

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