10 reasons everyone should go to a Comic-con event.

When I first married my husband, i didn’t quite realise the level of geek he was. I mean sure, he liked video games and watching Nintendo or Apple conventions online, he liked reading comics and painting war hammer… but I think i misinterpreted his fascination with it all for mere curiosity…I mean, he didn’t match the stereotypes of the characters on the big bang theory? he didn’t laugh with a snort? Or wear glasses with tape holding them together in the middle?!

Aren’t these the classic signs?! 😏

So when he suggested for his 26th birthday maybe we could go to Comic-Con? I then realised he had been taken fully to the dark side- he had gone Fully Geek.

There was no turning back- the mask had been removed- we were now locked in to a law abiding contract, through sickness and health, this was the sickness I had to ride out with him….but at least he wasn’t into cosplay- YET.

He tried to persuade me by using the force “Sophie, you will LOVE IT! There are famous people there! Warwick Davies is headlining!”

So?! How dare he think suggesting that bumping into a famous person might seduce me into coming! Like I’m that shallow….

” I think there may be someone from GOT there!” He said.

I was in! 🙋‍♀️

I remember when I was first walking down to the convention. There was a young girl walking infront of me with a foxes tail on! No shame what so ever! She owned that tail! I actually felt a little uncool in my skinny jeans and converse- a little bit ordinary.

When we finally arrived, the place was packed! Stalls from front to back filled with comics, pokemon, cakes and goodies, to people of all ages dressed in cosplay, from there favourite walking dead character to bronies!

It didn’t take long for me to get into the swing of things! Sporting a hello kitty hat and admiring everyone’s efforts into perfecting their favourite characters outfits!

We spent the whole day there! Even watched a cosplay competition…I felt a little uneasy when a bloke came in with a dog mask on and started pretend to lick the guy next to him! It took a few moments for me to realise they actually knew each other and it wasn’t a completely insane act.

We even watched Warwick Davies do a talk about being in star wars and Harry potter! I was captivated by his charisma and his storys about Ricky Jarvis were hilarious, I can’t believe I only paid £15 to be this entertained.

Finally when it was time to come home, to Andy’s surprise, we agreed to make it a yearly occurrence and next time bring our son. This was something everyone should try at least once. I am super glad I did.

**Disclaimer, Each comic-con will be totally different. The things mentioned below are taken from my experience at the MCM Comic-con event. Each Comic-Con will vary from stalls, actors and what there is to offer**

I hate to admit it, but I loved Comic-Con & here are 10 reasons you will too:

  • You feel like a little kid again. Walking around with my unicorn milkshake in one hand and bag full of Ghostbusters inspired cupcakes in the other…the sugar rush was real!
  • You get to meet cool actors and TV personalities. Honestly, I felt so star struck seeing the cast of storage hunters and fighting the urge to shout “MONEY!” was a serious mental burden. Also the original hulk was there and that too was pretty awesome.
  • There is zero judgement. If you want to dress like a zombie from the walking dead? Do it! If you want to dress like a Disney princess and walk around stroking your magical weave? Go for it! If you want to be a bronie and have a butt plug tail?! Ok I’ve taken that one too far….
  • It isn’t just comics. There is a serious variety of things to buy! From American sweets to pokemon cuddley toys. I mean, there are obviously comics,but the name is deceiving for a newbie like myself.
  • It’s a family affair. Honestly I have never been more taken back than when I saw a full family from age range newborn to 60+ dressed as the incredibles. It was adoreable and totally brave…imagine walking to the event like that!
  • People get into full character. I remember accidentally bumping into a man and both apologising, he made a light joke about the situation explaining at least he didn’t have his claws out! I laughed confused & without a second thought he shot out his wolverine claws and posed. Thankfully, with still being inside the comic-con convention, I didn’t feel the need to call for help 😂
  • The mystery boxes are awesome. So I think you pay about £25 for a box (sometimes they get reduced near the end of the day too) and if you like the shop ‘mankind’ this box is pretty much for you! Filled with gadgets, widgets and typical “man lab” stuff! Plus the fact you don’t know what you are going to get, it’s like being a kid a Christmas again.
  • The cosplay competitions are real guttsey. I mean, some of these girls are about 15 years old dressed fully in anime attire doing a dance to some insane anime techno music! They look like the real deal! It’s almost like watching a real life dance mat infront of you.
  • You get to sit in the Game Of Thrones Throne. I don’t need to elaborate any more on that, that is awesome enough!
  • It’s great for small businesses. Being a make up artist myself, I know marketing and advertisement is everything. If you have a quirky buisness, you would get an insane amount of buisness there! The place packs out and I have watched stalls sell out within the hour. It’s the place to go if you are a Comic artist wanting to get noticed or make adorable quirky toys, comic-con would be an awesome starting point.

There is so much more I could add, to the body painters doing full body transformations, watching comic artists drawing a comic strip, listening to actors talk about there careers…but I don’t want to spoil all the fun! If you are looking for a family filled day which may or may not be a little bit out of your comfort zone, comic-con is the place to go! Trust me.


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